Pro & SAR

WE SAVE THE LIVES OF THOSE WHO SAVE LIVES. No group of professionals need to review, test and research their equipment more than those involved in Search and Rescue. Both our SAR-660 and SAR-770 have been put through rigorous testing and conditions by Police, Fire and S&R teams coast-to-coast in open boat, swift water, ice water and shore based rescue situations. Not only do their own lives depend on the equipment, but so do the lives of the people they are rescuing. Salus couldn’t be more proud than to be a part of these incredible, expertly trained, team of professionals.

Military & Police

When working a job full of unpredictability, it is vital that police and marine…

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Solo Industrial Vest

The Salus Solo makes any water sport safer and more comfortable with features like…

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SAR-660 & SAR-770

As a professional rescuer, you want nothing that will get in your way or…

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