The Salus Torrent is a unisex vest designed to accommodate a quick release belt making it ideal for guiding and tripping. The back pad has full spinal protection and contoured arch ensuring a perfect fit.

Torrent Vest

At first the Torrent looks too stylish to be a utilitarian rescue vest, but then you realize Salus has just taken steps to keep the various straps and buckles tucked away behind functional panels. A pleated, zippered chest pocket expands to accommodate essentials and also cover the cinch buckles for the shoulder straps. Around back, a thin foam panel hides the shoulder-strap equalization system that allows one strap to tighten when the other is pulled. The vest is compatible with a quick-release belt for a tow line, and has a domed flap to hide the carabiner when not deployed. Kayakers may find the knife attachment point a little low on their chest, but there’s also a mesh pocket inside the front pocket for a loose knife.