Amyot Vest

You couldn’t blame Francis Amyot for feeling like he was shortchanged after winning a gold medal in the 1,000-metre sprint at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Despite being the only Canadian to bring home gold, he had to pay his own way to the Olympics. Amyot was clearly a guy who needed performance-oriented equipment on a budget.

It was no coincidence that Salus Marine Wear should pay late tribute to him with their new Amyot PFD. The “high-back vest” keeps the bulk of the flotation high between the shoulders above obtrusive back bands and results in a better floating angle. Amyot would also no doubt approve of the shoulder and side adjustment straps to help the contoured flotation panels hug his torso and the generously sized pocket for his watch.

Amyot Vest


Looking for a thrill, great exercise or simply the opportunity to be outdoors on one of the many waterways in and around Waterloo Region, more women have started paddling their way to adventure and better health.

Stephanie Park was just nine when she returned from summer camp and told her parents she needed a kayak.

“I was hooked,” she remembers.

They, in turn, told her she could earn one with money from her paper route.

Although that didn’t happen, her natural ability and passion for the sport had her in swimming pools, teaching rolling clinics, by the time she was 14…