Foil Bag

Salus has introduced its latest innovation that offers a lot of convenience. The Salus Foil Bag provides protection to help keep foils in top condition for the best performance on the racecourse. The foil bag has padded sides and the ability to fit the rudder, dageer board, tiller and other rigging accessories.

Throw Bag

Best known for its Canadian-made PFDs, Salus’ new throw bag is a first for the Kitchener, Ontario-based company. Svelte for an 80-foot bag, it features a wide, wire-rimmed collar that stays open when you’re stuffing and allows the rope to travel farther when you’re throwing. “Small differences like the conical shape, stiff flotation shell and extra throwing leverage provided by the stuffing collar make it an 80-foot bag that you can actually toss 80 feet,” says Salus owner Steve Wagner. And we did. Click HERE to read full article.