Abacus Vest

The CYA is pleased to announce the launch of a four-year agreement with Salus Marine which will see Salus provide PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) to Canadian Sailing Team athletes and CYA High Performance Coaches.

The design of the ABACUS Sail Vest by Salus Marine is the result of 16 months of research, surveys, focus groups and testing among sailors. Salus President, Steve Wagner, states that his company is proud to have designed a piece of equipment that meets the qualifications of Canada’s best sailors. “The Canadian high performance sailors were very clear as to what they wanted in a PFD. All we had to do was listen.”

The ABACUS Sail Vest provided to CST athletes and CYA High Performance Coaches will be red in colour and clearly identified with the CYA logo and other distinctive embroidery. A similar vest without the CYA identification is available from retailers.

According to CYA Executive Director Marianne Davis: “Our agreement with Salus Marine will provide our athletes and coaches with a vital piece of safety equipment that will enhance their ability to perform.”

Abacus Vest

Slowly, but surely, Salus Marine is making waves and its presence known everywhere. Rumors report that Canadian sailing team members are getting huge payoffs for their jackets on trade when they travel abroad. Salus is a sponsor of the Canadian Yachting Association’s high performance coaches and the national team.

The jacket we looked at blends the ease of movement for the arms in a unique one-piece design. What we loved, too, was the side zipper that allowed easy on and off when a quick change to a smock or splash top was needed.

A tight fit does nothing to constrict any movement in any direction, it’s design speaks to its designer’s DNA, obviously a sailor who has smartly incorporated a unique “ergonomically” designed larger pocket with an easy to open zipper positioned diagonally on the side. Kudos Salus!

Abacus Vest

Canadian lifejacket manufacturer Salus Marine Wear Inc. of Kitchener, which supplies the Canadian sailing team, has been granted a U.S. patent for their unique and comfortable round-edge design and has an application pending in Canada.

The company has eliminated “hard square edges” found on traditional PFDs (personal flotation devices) and its design of soft edges under the arms and in other spots on the jackets allows for better movement by boaters, the company reported.

“We are proud to outfit the Canadian Sailing Team with the Abacus sailing vest.” said company president Steve Wagner. “For many sailors, the PFD is one of their most important pieces of equipment, a part of their every move during the entire competition.”

The Abacus model offered by Salus Marine Wear is “designed by sailors for sailors” and will be modified for the national sailing team with custom colours and embroidery.

“We are happy to provide our sailors with a team jacket, and we’re pleased that it will be supplied by a Canadian manufacturer,” said Erika Vines, co-ordinator of the racing and sail team for the Canadian Yachting Association.

Salus Marine Wear makes 11 styles of PFDs, everything from entry-level children’s vests to high-performance sail and kayak lifejackets.

“The best compliment we get is when people tell us they didn’t notice they had one of our jackets or vests on,” said Wagner. “This tells us we’ve done our homework.”

Salus Marine Wear Inc. is located at 145 Bedford Road, 2nd Floor, Kitchener, Ontario. N2G 3A3. They can be reached by phone at 1-877-418-9998 or (519) 579-3131 or by email at salus.marine@on.aibn.com.

Abacus Vest

“Over the years, I have learned to take my own PFD when I hop on other people’s boats. It fits, it’s comfortable and I trust it!”

A great gift for someone you love is a life jacket that they will wear. New designs, technology and fabrics have replaced those old klunky ones that made you feel like the Pillsbury dough boy.

Some names to look for are Salus (pictured), Gul and Nautilus by Protexion.