Think globally, act locally.

At Salus, we take that phrase to heart. We have found ways to re-use and recycle materials leftover from production rather than sending them to landfill. Some of our foam scraps are being recycled into astro-turf underlay, while others are being re-used as packing material. And when it comes to conserving resources, we try to pay attention to the little things like turning off the lights when natural light will do, and turning on a fan instead of an air conditioner. We also coordinate our shipping, so that when a truck leaves Salus full of material going for recycling, that same truck returns to us with new materials for production.

When it comes to the environment, at Salus we are doing what we can to conserve resources and create less waste.

Foam Recycling

Salus recycles as many things as possible such as films, bags, wrap, packaging and foam. Usable materials can be put into the creation of new products in other businesses, for example, Tube Pro using leftover foam to make crash mats on ski hills. Foam left overs are also used by packaging companies in place of the styrene foam-peanuts.

Photos from Salus’ Designer Contest with Carleton University – School of Industrial Design.   Students and staff were encouraged to come up with reuse ideas!