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TWENTY EIGHT FEET: Life on a Little Wooden Boat

We are ecstatic and proud to have had the opportunity to contribute in some small way to the development of such an impressive documentary! The story follows a man, David, who sets out to sea to discover the sense of happiness, richness and freedom that only being on the water can bring. It is an awe-inspiring yet simple tale we hope that you’ll enjoy.  The film has been played through theatres across 4 continents!

NOTE: for more pictures on the vest worn in the film, click here

Canadian White Water Kayak Team

Abreast in a Boat Dragon Boat Race



2007 Team Canada and 2009 Canadian Freestyle Teams

#THUN Team Canada sponsorship

#THUN Team Canada sponsorship

When we outfitted the 2007 Team Canada and 2009 Canadian Freestyle team, nothing gave us more pride than to see our logo together with the Canadian flag on the backs of determined athletes, dedicating their hearts and souls to their favourite sport for the world to see. We were greatly honoured by the words “for Fraz” written on the backs of the jackets, in memory of a dear friend of theirs lost in a paddling accident. For the full story, please click here.