Odyssey Series

There is an old saying among outdoors men when talking about survival equipment, “if you don’t have it with you, you don’t have it.” The Odyssey Series’ innovative design integrates discrete, yet highly accessible compartments for your most important survival gear…thus eliminating the need to carry a bulky – and often forgotten – survival kit. Visible by an easy grab bobble, the two vertical pockets secure a combination flare, glow-stick and/or buddy line, while the integrated, no-snag, harness system also ensures that you will always have this gear with you. The Odyssey Series has made it so convenient that you will probably forget that you were carrying this equipment until the time when you – and your companions – are glad you did. With all of the same performance features offered in the Formula 16 Series; including, pre-curved limbs, comfort, flex, double cuff closures, anti flushing straps, high vis. hood and rip-stop nylon, the Odyssey Series literally has it all. In short, the Odyssey Series will endurethe harshest conditions and earn the respect of the most demanding users.

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Customer voyage/testimonial video Part II

Customer voyage/testimonial video Part I

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