Our most popular vest, the Salus Eddy-Flex offers added contouring back foam, tapered shoulders, Dry-Lex back lining, pull-forward adjustments and an easy-grab zipper tab, making it a welcome companion to any water adventure. The addition of unisex styling, contoured fit, easy-on front zipper design, 3MTM reflective trim, rounded edges and soft-foam construction put the Eddy-flex in a league of high-end vests with streamlined features.

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With added contouring back foam, tapered shoulders, Drylex lining, pull-forward adjustments, and an easy grab zipper tab, the Eddy Flex is a welcomed companion to any on-water adventure.

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Hi Steve

I think this is the best lifejacket we have ever had. I have been dragon boating for 16 years now and have worn many different styles. This Eddy Flex is great. it is lightweight, not bulky around the chest like a number of newer jackets are now. It is cut well under the arm, especially for breast cancer people who have a lot of issues in this area.

I coach a new BCS team in Sarasota Florida. They want my input into the jacket they should have.......this is the one that I want them to get...

Kathy Levy
Founder and Coach , Knot A Breast
Hamilton, On

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